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Working with Kinky Clients: A Clinicians’ Manual

With the advent of the Internet, those who participate in alternative forms of relationship, gender, and sexual expression have come together as a community and have created a new sexual minority subculture. The clinical needs of this community are different than the traditional mental health client and it is important for all mental health clinicians and healthcare providers to be familiar with the standard of care that may be different in the varied populations that make up this community. This document is the accompanying manual for a pilot Kink Aware Therapy Certification educational program, and it offers a fundamental working knowledge and important clinical considerations and interventions in the treatment of this population based upon one clinician’s experiences, the current research, and community literature. This companion text also reinforces the growing need for an educational program for mental health and medical providers and further clinical research with this population.

My Personal Handbook Series

When life throws you curve balls, sometimes we lose our direction. My Personal Handbook is designed to bring you back to basics and reexamine who you are from a basic needs and value level.





My Personal Handbook: My Break-Up Book

The Break-Up Book is designed to help you to examine and have closure about the ending of a partnership. It will prompt you to look at both your role and theirs in the related challenges. These activities are developed to help you identify the relationship skills you need to enrich and the red flags you want to avoid in future partnerships. My Personal Handbook is a foundation workbook designed to help you outline and establish a clear and concise foundation of who you are, your values, and what gives you meaning. This foundation will help you to establish boundaries in relationships, set life goals and provide you with a place to start from any time you feel lost in life.

No More Shame

With the constant bombardment of sexuality from popular media and the Internet, it is especially important to establish open communication with our children so that we are able to dispel myths and promote healthy views about sexuality. This book is your simple guide to developing an environment of openness and sex positive discussion.



The Silent Man

The notion of male as victims of domestic violence is an implausible concept for those in our modern culture. Battered Man Syndrome does exist and male victims of domestic violence have been ignored in both research and resources. This book exposes the truth behind the hidden epidemic of men as victims of domestic violence.






Dangerous Liaisons

With the advent of the Internet has permeated every inch of our daily lives. Our social customs and every part of our very infrastructure have adapted to adopting connection through the information highway. This is especially evident in our new dating rituals and expectations. Every day thousands of people who have adopted the 21st-century dating style and are finding connection via the Internet. Are you among them? Easier access to connection also means easier access to potential victims for emotional predators. This book introduces you to some of the characteristics to look for in order to spot these dangerous partners before they prey on your heart.



Research Publications

Polston, J.E.,  Reif, P., Foley, M. (1999). Host Range of tomato yellow leaf curl virus, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center Bradenton Research Report, 1999, cover title.

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