Collaborative and Cooperative Divorce Workshop

Divorce can be one of the scariest concepts that we could ever imagine. Often we hear horror stories from friends, media and family about the possible financial and emotional devastation that it could cause. However, there is a better option. Collaborative and Cooperative divorces can a be a less traumatic and less expensive form of separation.

This 3 hour workshop is an introduction to the Collaborative and Cooperative Divorce processes. Participants will learn the pros and cons of these processes from a mental health perspective, dispel myths, and there will be a Q and A section. Informational packages and further resources will be made available.


Workshops and Lectures Description

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the pros and cons of a Collaborative and Cooperative Divorce from a  mental health perspective.
  • Be able to dispel myths about the divorce process.
  • Identify the resources and process of a Collaborative and Cooperative Divorce.

Program Length: 3 hours